Board of Directors

Loretta Bad Heart Bull Chairwoman

Loretta Bad Heart Bull

Chairwoman/Elder Rep

Loretta (RN, MPH) serves as the Vice-Chairwoman for the SRCDC Board of Directors. Loretta is a Standing Rock Tribal Elder who retired from the Health Care Management field. She is also former business owner and Political Appointee for former Chairman Dave Archambault II’s Administration. Loretta enjoys volunteering her time in the community working with youth and inmates on cultural teachings and community responsibility. She currently sits on the Fort Yates Public School Board.
Avis Pic

Avis Little Eagle


Avis is an enrolled member of Standing Rock and is the mother of five children, grandmother of thirteen grandchildren and resides in the Bear Soldier District on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Avis serves as the Secretary for the SRCDC Board of Directors. As a business owner, Avis is the founder and current publisher of the Teton Times for more than fifteen years. She also served on the Standing Rock Tribal Council for fourteen years as a District Representative, Vice Chairwoman and At-Large Representative. She currently sits on the Sitting Bull College Board of Trustees. Avis was recently elected to reclaim her At-Large Council Representation for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (2019-2023).

Warren Hawk


Warren brings his experience in the Office and Field support, experience in offering administrative and support in the areas of Tribal, Education, Community Development, Assist with Budgets and Non-Profit environments. Warren also prepared, compiled, and maintained the Tribal Grant Programs database, coordinated the grants management committee, works closely with Tribal Planner, Tribal Directors, Tribal Administration, and the Information Technology Director to develop Grants Management Database. Warren was a huge part of the Tribal Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy plan development. Warren was also recently elected as an At-Large Council Representation for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (2019-2023).
Terry Brown Otter

Terry Brown Otter

Board Member

Terry grew up in Rock Creek District, Bullhead South Dakota on the southern half of Standing Rock. He now resides in Long Soldier District, Fort Yates North Dakota. Terry graduated from the Standing Rock Community High School in 1998, then went on to receive is AAS in Building Trades from Sitting Bull College in 2000. He has been the Owner/Operator of Brownotter Construction for the past eleven years and serves as lead instructor for the Sitting Bull College building trades program.

Regan Dunn

Youth Board Member

Regan Dunn is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and has family from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. She finished high school in December of 2018 and will be graduating in May of 2019. She is currently taking her general studies at Sitting Bull College and plans on going into the work field of Human Services. Regan has a passion for learning the Lakota/Dakota language and traditions. She has been to Washington D.C. twice for the White House Tribal Nations Conference and the White House Tribal Youth Gathering. Regan loves sharing her culture and goals with others and plans on doing that for the rest of her life.

Ken Snider

Board Member

Ken has been in the LP industry for 12 years: 8 years as a driver/installation tech and the last 4 as a General Manager. Ken is extremely thankful he started at the bottom as he understands what his job entails.


Brian Thunder Hawk

Executive Director - brian.thunderhawk@standingrockcdc.org

Mr. Thunder Hawk’s overall goal is to create a better living environment by remaining highly dedicated to maintaining high standards to educate all government agencies, government officials, and partnerships about the Standing Rock Lakota/Dakota Nation, its needs, people, culture, political system and laws. He is focusing on new construction, rehabilitation projects and to operate and achieve his goals to assist all families living in the communities of Cannonball, Porcupine, Fort Yates, Kenel, Bear Soldier, Bullhead, Little Eagle, and Wakpala located on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Mr. Thunder Hawk brings extensive experience in property management, project management, organizational leadership, project coordination, and strategic planning to his role at Standing Rock Community Development Corporation. 

Photo of Heidi Long

Heidi Long

Director of Operations - Heidi.long@standingrockcdc.org

Heidi Long is the Director of Operations, she ensures the organization’s daily operations and business activities run smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Previous to joining the SRCDC Team in January of 2019, Heidi was a federal social worker in the Child Protection Services field, as she assisted in building a Social Services program. Heidi received an AS Degree in Human Services from Sitting Bull College, and then earned a BS Degree in the field of Social Work from the University of North Dakota. Heidi has a strong commitment to serving the needs of the people, with a strong interest in building rapport with the community resources that are available to the people being served.

Heidi is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. Heidi is inspired to be a part of the SRCDC Team and the great things that await.


Kelcie Two Shields

Information Technology Manager - kelcie.twoshields@standingrockcdc.org

Kelcie Two Shields comes from the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ Oyáte and the Sa’hnish (Arikara) nation. She is currently an enrolled member of the Fort Peck Tribes in Northeastern Montana. Kelcie began her career in the Information Technology field on the Standing Rock Reservation where she has resided for over twenty years. Kelcie has earned degrees in Information Technology as well as Business Administration and she is currently continuing her education in Business Administration at Sitting Bull College. Kelcie is passionate about learning her ancestral languages, learning her peoples history, and learning prayer songs to sing. Kelcie understands the opportunities that technology has to offer to Indigenous communities to help them in maintaining cultural integrity, discovering a cultural identity, and also aid in language revitalization. Kelcie believes technology is vital in economic development and it can help her people thrive.

Ray Moore Sr.


Ray Moore Sr. is the Food Sovereignty Initiative Director. He attended Sitting Bull College and the University of Montana. Ray has thirty (30) years of experience in Natural Resources field, and Wildland Fire. Ray is a small business owner of a wildland fire company, in which he hopes to help his community with his expertise within this field. Ray strives to promote food sovereignty on Standing Rock and is dedicated to preserving the Lakota/Dakota way of life.

Photo of Volney Fast Horse

Volney Fast Horse

Culture & Arts Initiative Director - volney.fasthorse@standingrockcdc.org

An enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and a resident of the Cannon Ball/Solen area, Volney also has a small ranch south of Solen raising horses. He has been involved with the Language Preservation and Revitalization of our dialects here on Standing Rock for about the last 5 years. He is a semi-fluent Dakhota speaker raised with his grandparents in the Cannon Ball area with the Dakhota dialect, so he feels he has an awesome opportunity to keep the language efforts going!

Photo of Danielle Bird Horse

Danielle Bird Horse

Finance manager

Danielle Bird Horse is the Finance Manager at SRCDC. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Sitting Bull College, she gained experience as a Finance Assistant and Human Resource Manager. In addition to her primary job functions, Danielle also has a strong customer service background. Danielle joined the SRCDC team in August 2020 and looks forward to supporting the mission and vision of enhancing our communities.
Photo of Elaina Valandra

Elaina Valandra

Administrative Assistant

Elaina Valandra is the administrative assistant for the Standing Rock Community Development Corporation. She ensures the executive office runs effectively on a day-to-day basis. Elaina is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and was raised in the community of Fort Yates. She attended the Standing Rock Community Schools and has also attended the Sitting Bull College. Elaina enjoys spending time with her daughter and family; she especially likes going fishing with her dad; and also enjoys playing online games with her friends.
Photo of Deeken Means

Deeken Means

Facility Manager

Deeken was born at the Fort Yates HIS emergency room on October 18 th 1979, to Kim Eugene Means of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (minicoju) and Patricia Gail Wortman of McLaughlin, SD. He grew up on the South Dakota side of the Standing Rock reservation, McLaughlin/Wakpala area. 

Deeken got his G.E.D. in ’97 through the Gillette Community College campus in Gillette, WY. In ’98 he continued on to college at United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck, ND for building trades. He graduated in July of ’00 with an AAS Degree in Construction Technology. Deeken has worked in the construction/building trades industry for the past 22 years all over the country.


Bruce Valandra

Facility Groundskeeper

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